Our Story

Fast Tony’s Chicken came about because we found folks wanted chef driven, high quality fried chicken. Here at Tony’s we take care to source the best ingredients and prepare our food like you were visiting our home for Sunday meal. Food for sharing, food for gathering around and discussing the day’s events. All served with a remembrance for Southern Hospitality.

We have traveled across the great United States and found there is a lot of chicken from Texas to Tennessee and beyond. This is our simple take on the chicken shacks of the South and the classic fried chicken meals served each and every day at people’s homes across this country.

We simply offer Hot or Not. Hot is a medium heat level and Not is good ol’ fried chicken with only a slight kick. Both have massive flavor. Our menu will never be overly large, but what we offer will be the best.

We use Martin's potato rolls and buns, Duke’s Classic Mayo, and San Francisco Robert’s dill pickle chips in our sandwiches. The combination is incredible.

We hope to see you soon, and often, at Fast Tony’s Chicken.