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160-250Tubular stranding machine
630Tubular stranding mahcine
Rigid stranding machine
Rod breakdown machine
Rolling machine
Up-casting machine
Tubular and rigid stranding machine
Tubular and fram stranding machine
Wilsun Technology Machinery CO.,ltd
Add: Shanghai PuDong Area HeQing Town
Sales manager: Mr Adam
Cell phone:13761870702
Website: www.wilsuncable.com
About Us
ShangHai WILSUN Technology and Equipment Co.Ltd lies in Shanghai PuDong area, We have experienced expert who devotes himself to cable machinery more than 30 years, we can supply cable machinery for producing all kind of cable not only by our factory but also cooperated with other advance company.
Our production including:
Design, installation and commission for Copper and Aluminum bus bar machine.
Design, installation and commission for all kinds of stranding machines.
Design, installation and commission for drawing machine.
The products are sold to a dozen countries and regions such as Uzbekistan, Australia, South Korea, Iran, Vietnam, Syria, Brazil, Serbia and Indonesia are well received by foreign factories
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